Version 0.5.40 Released 3/31/2003
April 12,2003 - Fixed: COMavailable in PCR control "COM1" <- "COM1:". April 14,2003 - Fixed: Turning Power off while trunking, turns Trunk OFF. April 19,2003 - Added: Frequency Selector from PcrPro1k April 22,2003 - Added: DTMF & DSP functions from PcrPro1k. April 24,2003 - Added: Tracking Filter. April 24,2003 - Added: Send Registration Information through email. April 27,2003 - Added: Sampling Rate now selectable 22050/44100. April 28,2003 - Fixed: Knob Enable Property. April 28,2003 - Added: Mute Volume. April 28,2003 - Added: Diable Squelch. April 28,2003 - Added: Center I.F. Shift. April 28,2003 - Fixed: Signal Meter Button's ToolTip text. May 03,2003 - Added: Show known frequencies in BandScope. May 13,2003 - Fixed: BandScope more accurately centered in display. May 15,2003 - Added: Support for the PCR-100. May 21,2003 - Added: Keyboard Shortcuts in Menus. May 21,2003 - Added: Insert Bank & Delete Bank Menus/Functions. May 22,2003 - Added: Duplex/Split Frequency option. May 24,2003 - Added: Renaming Of Bank files when changing Bank Desc. May 25,2003 - Added: Creation of "Banks" Folder when 1st Ran. May 28,2003 - Fixed: Turning OFF Trunk now works in XP. June 01,2003 - Fixed: Reverse Polarity defaults to "ON" now. June 01,2003 - Fixed: Program now works with USB Devices. June 06,2003 - Fixed: When closing Dumper, Program now enters Manual Mode. June 08,2003 - Added: Limit Indicator for BandScope. June 13,2003 - Fixed: Changed Scan/Search routines, works better with PCR-100 now. June 14,2003 - Fixed: When Scanning/Searching and Power Turned OFF, Option Set to MANual. June 14,2003 - Added: Log Dumper display to File June 15,2003 - Added: Support for Trunking Systems on VHF & UHF. June 15,2003 - Fixed: Scan now starts on next bank that's set to scan. June 16,2003 - Fixed: Bank & Channel Descriptions are now validated. June 17,2003 - Fixed: Eack Bank now has it's own setting for Rev Polarity. June 18,2003 - Fixed: Loading a Bank that contains Trunk Groups. Version 0.6.69 Released 6/18/2003 June 25,2003 - -----: Started support for Edacs. July 10,2003 - Fixed: Trunk Button enabled only for Trunking Systems. July 20,2003 - Fixed: Block Astro Settings Now Saved. July 26,2003 - Fixed: New GroupID Tags are now shown with propper Status Bit Message. July 26,2003 - Fixed: When Removing GroupID's or RadioID's in trunkedit, new ID counts are now Properly displayed in the Main Window. July 27,2003 - Fixed: Radio ID's can now be Edited in Search/Scan Modes. July 28,2003 - Added: WheelMouse Support in Windows 95. July 30,2003 - Added: TrunkGroup ID's can now be assigned to 16 user editable Sub Groups. July 31,2003 - Fixed: Trunk Button enabled when decoder is ready. Aug 05,2003 - Added: Status & Progress of Sending Regigistration Info. Aug 08,2003 - Fixed: Volume set to Volume Knob Setting when Trunking is Turned Off. Aug 16,2003 - Added: Knobs are now hilighted when used. Aug 20,2003 - Added: Total of 200 Channels allowed per Scan Bank. Aug 21,2003 - -----: Started Spetrum Sweep Search... Aug 31,2003 - Fixed: If a Channel has invalid info, it won't be used or saved. Aug 31,2003 - Fixed: If Trunk Group ID's have invalid info, or Radio ID's have invalid info, Then the TrunkBank isn't used or saved. Sept 10,2003 - Fixed: Bank Info is Saved now ONLY when properties are changed. Oct 16,2003 - Added: Hunt Control Channel Option for Trunk Banks. Oct 18,2003 - Fixed: ScanBank Names properly saved in TrunkPCR.ini. Oct 22,2003 - Fixed: Importing from other Programs' Bank Channels. Oct 22,2003 - Added: You can now Import Banks Directly with Add/Insert options. Oct 29,2003 - Fixed: Edit Freq Plan only enabled for propper TrunkBanks. Dec 24,2003 - Fixed: DSP Control NR max value and button logic. Jan 03,2004 - Added: You can now Add new Frequencies to the Memory Bank by pressing SHIFT while clicking the MEMORY Button. Jan 03,2004 - Added: Bank and Channel Organise options under the Edit Menu. Allows Drag-n-Drop sorting ability... Jan 24,2003 - Fixed: When BandScope is Double-Clicked to tune to that frequency, the Freq Button is selected in the VFO. May 17,2004 - Added: Up/Down KeyBoard Buttons now Control the Knobs. May 18,2004 - Added: Frequency input by KeyPad (Mouse MUST Be Over the KeyPad to Work!). May 23,2004 - Added: Real Time Display of Audio Data (Oscilloscope). May 26,2004 - Added: Save Dump Messages in New Dump List. May 27,2004 - Fixed: Program freezed when mouse hovered over knobs. May 30,2004 - Fixed: Known freq not shown in BandScope after entering freq in Main Display. June 01,2004 - Fixed: Profile is now Remembered and used when loading. June 04,2004 - Fixed: You Now have to wait until the radio is OFF Before Exiting. June 09,2004 - Added: WheelMouse Support in Windows 98, ME 2000 & XP. June 10,2004 - Added: Spetrum Sweep Search finished. June 10,2004 - Added: Search Limit Banks finished. June 10,2004 - Added: When you Edit a TrunkID in the Display, it now updates RadioID's too. June 14,2004 - Added: Multi-Line Tool Tips for Knobs and BandScope. June 16,2004 - Fixed: MouseWheel use in Resume Delay Knob in Scan/Search Settings. June 18,2004 - Fixed: GroupID & RadioID Descriptions Now Updated in Activity Screen. Nov 07,2004 - Fixed: Positioning of Windows Now Within Screen Dimentions. Nov 12,2004 - Added: Group/Radio ID's can now be displayed as HEX or Decimal. Nov 12,2004 - Added: Group ID's can now be Identified through Group Association. "Group Patch","Multi-Select" no longer assigned as different ID's. Nov 17,2004 - Fixed: Problems when Adding Group/Radio ID's in Trunk ID EDitor as hex ID's. Dec 07,2004 - Added: Trunk Settings are now changed in a separate window. Dec 08,2004 - Fixed: Editing Trunk/Radio ID's works propperly. Dec 10,2004 - Added: Clicking on Group/Radio Descriptions while trunking brings up separate Edit Window. Jan 27,2005 - Fixed: Frequency Plan Editor works now For MOTO & EDACS. Jan 29,2005 - Added: Monitoring an EDACS System is now a Reality :) Feb 13,2005 - Fixed: Resume Scan Delay now works with TrunkGroups. Mar 04,2005 - Fixed: MOTO VHF & UHF work now with Freq Plan Editor. Mar 07,2005 - Fixed: MOTO VHF & UHF Trunking, Now Follows These Systems. Mar 07,2005 - Fixed: Clicking Scan with no Banks Selected to Scan. Version 0.7.174 Released 3/09/2005 Mar 10,2005 - Fixed: You can now assign a Description for I-Call Group#4010 in Edacs. Mar 11,2005 - Fixed: Resume Delay in Edacs. Mar 11,2005 - Added: Removal of entries from the Freq Plan Editor. Mar 12,2005 - Fixed: Resume Scan/Search in Edacs when Dotting Sequence Heard. Mar 13,2005 - Fixed: Tone Squelch - Accidently deactivated ToneSq Control. Version 0.7.175 Released 3/15/2005 Mar 21,2005 - Added: Notification in Status Bar when Dotting Sequence Heard. Mar 21,2005 - -----: Optimized a bit of the code. May 06,2005 - Fixed: Help Page Changed. May 06,2005 - Added: Changed Fonts in ListViews for Better Readability. May 07,2005 - Fixed: Tracking a Group ID with Manual Stepping. May 07,2005 - Fixed: Tracking a Group ID with KeyPad Entry. May 08,2005 - Fixed: Listening to Calls when Continuation Msgs Detected. May 09,2005 - Fixed: Tracking a Radio ID with Manual Stepping. May 09,2005 - Fixed: Tracking a Radio ID with KeyPad Entry. May 20,2005 - Fixed: ID Display wasn't set to Propper Band Plan. Version 0.7.176 Released 5/27/2005 Aug 05,2005 - Fixed: Listening to Continuation Calls (Same ID). Aug 08,2005 - -----: "Save Bank" now saves Group/Radio ID's if changed. Aug 10,2005 - -----: Combined Trunk ID Edit and Group/Radio Stats. Aug 10,2005 - -----: Changed Trunk Menu to reflect above change. Aug 15,2005 - Fixed: Saving Settings in Registry with Permissions. Aug 16,2005 - Fixed: Saving Last Used Channel if VFO turned CCW. Aug 16,2005 - Fixed: Scanning During Trunking. Previous change in decoder... Version 0.7.177 Released 8/19/2005 Sep 18,2005 - Fixed: Manual Stepping Now Tracks an Individual ID. (Broke it in 177) Sep 19,2005 - Added: Motorola 800Mhz ReBanding Support: NEW 800MHZ Band Plan: (Could Change!) Base Freq Step Offset Low High 851.03750 12.50 2 2 39 851.53750 12.50 40 40 77 852.03750 12.50 78 78 115 852.53750 12.50 116 116 153 853.03750 12.50 154 154 230 854.01250 25.00 231 231 260 Sep 19,2005 - -----: Changed Trunk Settings MOTO 400/VHF to Custom/Extended. 400 and VHF use the Custom Map. 800 Rebanding uses Extended. Sep 19,2005 - Fixed: Switching Between Moto Systems doesn't Reset Settings. Oct 09,2005 - Added: Selection of when New ID's are Saved Oct 09,2005 - Added: Selection of how Hits are Counted Oct 10,2005 - -----: Trunk Menu Edit Options - Always Enabled for Trunk Banks. Oct 17,2005 - Added: Viewing of Group Patches in CC Activity Window. Oct 17,2005 - Added: Viewing of Affiliations in CC Activity Window. Oct 21,2005 - Fixed: Saving Display Mode... Oct 21,2005 - -----: Changed Color and Fonts in CC Activity Windows. Oct 22,2005 - Added: Display of MOTO Group Types in CC Activity Window. Oct 23,2005 - Fixed: Improved Hunting of CC on Data Loss... Oct 23,2005 - -----: Increased Radio ID Limits... Oct 24,2005 - -----: Mode & IF Options Now set to Defaults when Changing from Conv to Trunk. Oct 24,2005 - -----: Increased TrunkBanks to 27 from 23. Oct 24,2005 - -----: Default TrunkBank Now set to 27 (?). Oct 24,2005 - -----: Increased ID Descriptions to 40 Characters. Oct 25,2005 - Added: Display of Edacs AFS format in CC Activity Windows. Oct 27,2005 - Added: Show Search Results from Search Limit Banks. Oct 27,2005 - Added: Printing of Above Search Results. Oct 30,2005 - Added: Printing Group/Radio ID's. Oct 30,2005 - Added: Print Preview for Above. Oct 30,2005 - Added: Export Group/Radio ID's to Excel CSV File. Oct 30,2005 - Added: Export Search Results to Excel CSV File. Oct 30,2005 - -----: Display Mode of ID's in CC Activity Windows Immediately updated... Oct 30,2005 - -----: Search Results Limit Set to Donation Amount. Version 0.7.180 Released 10/31/2005 Nov 03,2005 - Fixed: Show FreqPlan Editor for Edacs. Nov 03,2005 - -----: Don't need to Set LCN's for MOTO Custom FreqPlan. Version 0.7.181 Released 11/04/2005 Nov 04,2005 - Fixed: Saving/Loading propper settings in MOTO Custom FreqPlan. Version 0.7.182 Released 11/05/2005 Dec 09,2005 - -----: Changed Text Editing in MOTO Custom FreqPlan. Dec 09,2005 - Added: Preliminary Settings for the PCR-1500. Dec 09,2005 - Added: Show Known Freqs in Display Panel when in Freq mode. Dec 12,2005 - Added: Frequency Error reporting from PCR. Dec 13,2005 - -----: Refresh CC Activity when updating Custom/Extended Freqplan. Dec 13,2005 - -----: Text Validation in Custom/Extended Freqplans. Dec 16,2005 - Fixed: Show Freq Centering with propper Mode/Filters. Dec 23,2005 - Fixed: Reloading stored info when New Bank Inserted. Dec 23,2005 - Fixed: Reloading stored info when New Channel Inserted. Dec 23,2005 - Fixed: Adjusting stored info when Bank Deleted. Dec 23,2005 - Fixed: Adjusting stored info when Channel Deleted. Dec 23,2005 - Fixed: Setting Volume on StartUp. Dec 23,2005 - Added: AutoSet Frequency Ranges. Dec 23,2005 - -----: Editing of Duplex Frequency. Dec 26,2005 - -----: BandScope Adjustments. Dec 26,2005 - Fixed: Adjusting stored info when Freq Text Changed. Dec 28,2005 - Fixed: BandScope Limit Pic Display. Dec 29,2005 - Added: Export Found Freqs in Spectrum Sweep. Dec 29,2005 - Fixed: Sweep Freq Knob Disabled when Sweeping. Dec 30,2005 - Fixed: Sweep Freq Low/High Text Disabled when Sweeping. Jan 02,2006 - Fixed: BandScope Disabled when Sweeping. Version 0.7.183 Released 01/04/2006 Jan 08,2006 - -----: Protection from Editing .Bnk file Frequencies. Jan 23,2006 - Fixed: Repeat Scanning of more than 1 Bank in Conventional Mode. Don't know when this happened. Version 0.7.184 Released 01/23/2006 Jan 26,2006 - Fixed: Edacs Hunt CC On Data Loss. Jan 27,2006 - -----: Limit Pic Off Now when Trunking. Jan 29,2006 - Fixed: Current Bank updated if changed in Channel Organizing. Jan 29,2006 - Added: COM Port Status Indicators (Ctrl-Q). Feb 03,2006 - Added: Trunk Settings Window Position Now Saved. Feb 03,2006 - Fixed: Group/Radio Counts Updated in CC Activity when Deleted. Feb 04,2006 - Added: More Short-Cut keys to Menus. Feb 08,2006 - Fixed: Adding New Group ID as HEX in Trunk ID Editor. Feb 08,2006 - Fixed: Adding New Radio ID as HEX in Trunk ID Editor. Feb 08,2006 - -----: Increased Width of Trunk ID Editor. Feb 11,2006 - Added: Display Misc Messages in CC Activity - taken from Dump. Feb 12,2006 - Fixed: Private Calls in MOTO doesn't save Radio ID as a Group ID. Feb 12,2006 - Fixed: One Moto SysID Message was being treated as a Call Message. Feb 13,2006 - Added: Moto CW Id Freq/Chan Now Noted in CC Ativity. Feb 13,2006 - Fixed: "Delete Off Air" in CC Activity - 1 Entry now Removed. Feb 17,2006 - Added: Group Desc now Editable from Patch List in CC Activity. Feb 17,2006 - Added: More Descriptions to ***Unknown Radio Messages***. Feb 20,2006 - Added: Moto Diagnostic Messages in CC Activity. Feb 26,2006 - -----: Changed I.F Filter to 15khz when 3600 Baud Selected in Trunk Settings. Feb 26,2006 - -----: Group/Radio ID's Erased in Trunk Settings when confirmed. Feb 26,2006 - Fixed: Editing ID's greater than 32767 from CC Affil or Control List. Version 0.7.186 Released 02/26/2006 Feb 27,2006 - Fixed: Setting Reverse Polarity while Trunking. Mar 01,2006 - -----: Increased Max Radios Again... Mar 05,2006 - Fixed: Private Calls in MOTO Display and Resume. Mar 06,2006 - Added: 2nd Receiver Option. Mar 06,2006 - Added: Priority Calls (only using 2nd Receiver Option). Mar 07,2006 - -----: Modified "Hunt on Dataloss" Again... Mar 08,2006 - -----: PCR-1500 Firmware Code Now Recogonized. Mar 08,2006 - -----: Trunking Resumes Now when TrunkBank Right-Clicked (Move to TrunkBank). Mar 08,2006 - -----: Trunking Resumes Now when TrunkBank Left-Clicked (TrunkBank De-Activated). Mar 09,2006 - -----: Trunking Resumes Now if a Group is set as Locked-Out. Mar 15,2006 - Fixed: COM Ports higher than 9 Now usable on XP. Mar 16,2006 - Fixed: Trunking Banks now Disabled for Conventional Scan if previously set. Version 0.7.187 Released 03/17/2006 1) Second (Dual) Receiver Option. For this option to work, you need to have a second receiver with a discriminator tap. With the cable you had plugged in the Packet Connector on the PCR, plug it now into the "Discriminator Out" connector on this radio. (You may have to change the Reverse Polarity in Trunk Settings for it to decode) 2) Group Priority Levels. This option will only work if the Second Receiver Option is used. You can now program a priority level for each individual Group ID. The Highest Priority is 1 and the Lowest is 99, Default set to 50. Emergency Calls are designated Priorty 1, Private Calls is set to 2. 3) Minimum Support for the PC/R-1500 at this time... Mar 22,2006 - -----: Group/Radio ID Counts in Trunk Info verified before updating. Mar 29,2006 - -----: Loss of Data using 2nd Receiver now shows message in Status Bar. April 04,2006 - -----: Squelch Indicator Updates when Changed. Version 0.7.188 Released 04/04/2006 April 06,2006 - -----: DTMF Now shows as Powered On when loaded. April 06,2006 - -----: DTMF Display Background Widend. April 18,2006 - Fixed: If a Scan Bank is Deleted, Stored Freqs now Updated properly. April 20,2006 - -----: BandScope can now be Clicked ONCE to change Frequency. April 20,2006 - -----: Chanegd how O'Scope Loads / Closes. April 20,2006 - Fixed: Volume Knob now works when O'Scope Closed. April 21,2006 - -----: Moto Decoder shows less false reports from framing errors. April 22,2006 - -----: Pausing Dump List doesn't pause Saving to File. April 26,2006 - Fixed: Demo now allows you to Listen to Trunk Conversations. April 26,2006 - Fixed: Demo now allows you to Save Group/Radio ID's. April 26,2006 - Fixed: Saving NEW ID's from Trunk ID Editor if "Save New ID's" set to [Seen]. April 26,2006 - Fixed: Changing Group Priority in Trunk ID Editor. April 27,2006 - Fixed: ID Counts not duplicated when Saving NEW ID's when Heard. April 28,2006 - -----: Changed how PC/R-1500 & PC/R 2500 Initializes. Version 0.7.189 Released 04/28/2006 May 04,2006 - Added: Channel Selector using a List Display - 1 Click Tune. May 07,2006 - Fixed: Group/Radio ID Descriptions now updated on main window. May 08,2006 - -----: Group/Radio ID Descriptions can now be Clicked ONCE to edit. May 09,2006 - Fixed: Multiple Displays of Frequency in CC Activity, if LCN=0. May 09,2006 - Added: List of System Pages in CC Activity. May 09,2006 - Added: List of User Status Updates in CC Activity. May 09,2006 - Added: Audio Spectrum Display. May 10,2006 - Fixed: Control List display in CC activity when Afiliation Reset Clicked. May 12,2006 - Added: 6 Watch Group Lists in CC Activity, Set in Trunk Settings. May 12,2006 - Fixed: Logging Buttons in Dump Display if 'Dump.Log' NOT Opened. May 12,2006 - Fixed: Logging Buttons in Misc Display if 'Misc.Log' NOT Opened. May 13,2006 - Added: Time Stamps to Dump and Misc Log Files. May 18,2006 - Added: KeepAlive Function. Default was ON in Previous Versions. May 18,2006 - Added: Raise DTR Function. Default was ON in Previous Versions. May 21,2006 - Fixed: Dual Receiver mode in Edacs. May 21,2006 - -----: Edacs LCN 26 to 31 Report Messages. No longer used as active channels. May 21,2006 - Fixed: Updating Stored Freqs when Channel Editor Saved. May 22,2006 - -----: Increased Max Groups and Radios Again. May 22,2006 - -----: Increased Max Banks and Channels for $50 donations. May 23,2006 - Added: Direct Entry of Frequency after using any knobs or menus. May 30,2006 - Fixed: External Speaker Selection for PCR-100 when pluged-in or out. June 04,2006 - Fixed: COM Status Display when Spectrum Sweep Enabled/Disabled. June 08,2006 - Added: Decoding Wave Files for Moto/Edacs Trunking Systems. June 15,2006 - Added: Block Data Calls in Edacs. June 20,2006 - Fixed: I-Call Reporting in Edacs. June 22,2006 - Added: ESK Selection in Edacs. June 23,2006 - Fixed: Edacs Dotting was set to Zero when Trunk Settings loaded. June 24,2006 - Fixed: Scanning in Conventional Mode when ScanBank Count = Zero. June 29,2006 - Fixed: Menus Enabled/Disabled when Sweep Spectrum Selected/Deselected. June 29,2006 - Added: 7.5 khz Step Frequency. July 14,2006 - Added: MPT-1327 Trunking Support. (Minimal at this time) Aug 18,2006 - -----: PCR Type Setting now Automatic. Menu Removed. Aug 18,2006 - Added: More Support for PCR-1500/2500. Aug 24,2006 - Added: Searching Tone for CTCSS & DTCS Tone Squelch. Aug 26,2006 - Fixed: Saving SoundCard Settings. Aug 26,2006 - Added: Select SoundCard Settings From Trunk Settings. Aug 28,2006 - Fixed: Saving Group Watch Settings. Aug 28,2006 - Fixed: Adding a New GroupID from TrunkID Editor. Aug 31,2006 - Fixed: Entering a Frequency above 2ghz from keypad. Sept 05,2006 - Added: Locking Out a channel during Scanning now Resumes Scanning. Sept 13,2006 - Added: Follow Active Frequencies in BandScope. (Double-Clicking sets Watch Level) Sept 19,2006 - Added: Duplex Offset Frequency for each Scan Bank. Sept 21,2006 - Added: Duplex +/- Offset Buttons control frequency look-up. Version 0.8.200 Released 09/22/2006 Sept 28,2006 - -----: Duplex Center selected when Channel Option Selected if duplex wasn't centered. Sept 28,2006 - Fixed: Squelch operation if O'Scope Enabled. Oct 02,2006 - Fixed: Scanning in Dual Rcvr if No Banks selected for Scan. Oct 03,2006 - -----: Changed 3khz Filter caption to 2.8khz. Oct 03,2006 - Added: Weather Alert Functions for PCR-1500/2500. Oct 05,2006 - Fixed: Selection of FM/P25 Mode Setting for PCR-1500/2500. Version 0.81.201 Released 10/05/2006 Oct 06,2006 - Fixed: Hunt on Data Loss using PCR-2500 in Dual Rcvr Mode. Oct 06,2006 - -----: Recovery Rate info now shown in Dual Rcvr when selected (PCR-2500 Only). Oct 06,2006 - -----: Changed how Frequency is Set when on Voice Channel (PCR-2500 Only). Oct 06,2006 - -----: Dual Rcvr now remembers Last Channel used (PCR-2500 Only). Oct 07,2006 - Fixed: If Mode on Channel was saved as P25, was defaulting to WFM when loaded. Oct 10,2006 - Fixed: Changed Weather Alert Frequencies for PCR-1500/2500. Oct 14,2006 - Fixed: Editing Group ID Descriptions in Trunk ID Editor. Oct 15,2006 - Added: TRAIN Canceller Editor for PCR-1500/2500. Oct 16,2006 - Added: DV and P25 Mode Selection in Search Limit Editor for PCR-2500. Version 0.81.203 Released 10/16/2006 Oct 23,2006 - -----: Group Priority now updated in Main Display when changed. Oct 23,2006 - -----: Group Priority now updated in CC Activity Display when changed. Oct 25,2006 - Fixed: Some Moto Continuation Msgs on 800mhz were set as UHF Calls. Oct 25,2006 - Added: Show Users who are NOT allowed in System Activity Display. Oct 27,2006 - Fixed: Active Frequency of Moto Private Call now Displayed. Oct 30,2006 - Fixed: The Height of All Windows now adjusted for XP. Nov 03,2006 - -----: Patches show more accurate info. Invalid data came from Frame Errors. (Radio ID's could have been mis-interpreted as Group ID's)... Nov 03,2006 - -----: Patches now Removed from list when "Delete Patch" received in data stream. Nov 04,2006 - Added: Find & Replace text for Groups/Radios in TrunkID Editor. Nov 10,2006 - Fixed: After removing ID's in Trunk ID Editor, then clicking a Trunk Bank BUG!. Nov 11,2006 - Added: Automatic P25 Mode selection for PCR-2500 in Trunk Settings. Nov 12,2006 - Fixed: Display of Frequency in CC Activity using Extended Freq Plan. Nov 14,2006 - Fixed: "Run time error 341" When Trunk Started in Scan Mode BUG!. Nov 14,2006 - Fixed: Displaying of Groups in Group Watch if CC Activity Window was Closed then Re-Opened. Nov 15,2006 - Added: Quick-Tune to an Active Call when The LCN or Freq is Clicked in the CC Activity. Nov 15,2006 - Added: Move a Group to a New Trunk Bank when the TB column is Clicked in the CC Activity. Nov 20,2006 - Added: Background Color Selection For List Displays in CC Activity. Nov 20,2006 - Added: Foreground Color Selection For Each Group and Radio ID's in CC Activity and Main Display. Nov 20,2006 - Added: Background Color Selection For Active Call in CC Activity. Nov 24,2006 - Fixed: Radio Count in Main Display when Radio(s) Removed in Trunk ID Editor. Dec 04,2006 - Fixed: DV Mode for PCR-2500 now shown as "DV" instead of "UNK" in Main Display. Dec 08,2006 - Added: "Shift Key" Combinations controls Scan/Trunk Function Buttons (w/Underscore Char) in Main Display. Dec 11,2006 - Added: Font Selection For List Displays in CC Activity. Dec 12,2006 - Added: Font Selection For Each Group and Radio ID's in Main Display. Dec 13,2006 - Added: Same Font Selection For Group and Radio ID's in CC Activity. Dec 15,2006 - Added: CC Activity window can now be ReSized. Dec 15,2006 - Fixed: Display problem in CC Activity when Column Header Width in List Displays adjusted. Dec 23,2006 - Added: Auto Mode Correction if a PCR doesn't support a certain Mode. Dec 24,2006 - -----: D-Star Mode button now displays as "DV" Dec 24,2006 - -----: DV & P25 Mode Buttons now display appropriate Tool Tip Text. Dec 24,2006 - Fixed: Radio ID/Info updates while conversation continues on same channel. (Change in Radio ID) Dec 24,2006 - Added: "See Who's Talking" (TM) Feature. With this NEW Idea you can see who's talking on a Group. Version 0.82.205 Released 12/25/2006 1) Before you do anything else, setup the Fonts & Colors for Each Trunking Bank. Under the Trunk Menu, click Display Properties. Click the Set Default Color Button to set the new colors. Click the Default List Font Button, Set Group Defaults Button and the Set Radio Defaults Button. Click the Apply button to make the changes. 2) Now that you have your New Initial settings made, you can customize them to your desire. For the List Displays to look right, the height of the Group & Radio Fonts must be same or smaller than the List Font. Play with these New Settings until you get the right look you want for the CC Activity Lists and the Main Display. 3) The "See Who's Talking" (TM) feature is selected in the Trunk Settings. After you hear a conversation, you'll "See" what it is :-) This feature can be changed for each Group & Radio ID. Dec 26,2006 - Fixed: User Picture removed from display when Moving Group to a different TrunkBank. Dec 26,2006 - Fixed: User Picture Selection in Custom Select caused a crash (guess I was in too much of a hury to release). Version 0.82.206 Released 12/27/2006 Dec 30,2006 - Fixed Installer... Dec 27,2006 - Fixed: User Picture now shown in [Edit Group ID] window. Dec 27,2006 - -----: CC Activity Window now has a Full Screen option. Dec 28,2006 - -----: Initial COM Port now set to #1. Dec 28,2006 - -----: Disabled code that Set Thread Priority (Bug Check!). Dec 29,2006 - Fixed: User Picture removed from display when de-activating a TrunkBank. Dec 29,2006 - -----: Moved System Details / Stats from CC Control to a New List in System Info. Dec 29,2006 - Added: Clicking on a TrunkBank in Affiliation List now allows you to edit it. Dec 29,2006 - Added: Define a Range of Group ID's as Astro Digital for Auto P25 Decoding. Dec 31,2006 - Added: Apply Groups Color, Font and User Picture to Radios when Affiliated to Group or Call Made. Dec 31,2006 - -----: Changed a bit of code to reduce "Type Mismatch" errors when loading. Jan 04,2007 - -----: Removed Auto P25 option since Digital Range now used. Jan 05,2007 - Added: Announcement of Emergency Messages. Version 0.82.207 Released 01/11/2007 1) For PCR-2500 users with a P25 Card, Verify or change the Digital Group ID Range in the Trunk Settings. This will help set the propper mode (P25 or FM), used to listen to Digital & Analog Calls... Jan 12,2007 - Fixed: Reading / Saving Registry Settings. Jan 12,2007 - Fixed: Last Profile saved, Now used when loaded. Jan 12,2007 - Fixed: Default Recording Format now saved Jan 13,2007 - Fixed: Problem with some types of windows open at the same time. Jan 13,2007 - Fixed: Restored Frequency Display in CC Control for Edacs. Jan 13,2007 - Fixed: Error 5 when Inserting or Extracting plug on PCR-100 Ext. Speaker. Jan 14,2007 - Fixed: Corrupted / Missing User Pictures. Version 0.82.208a Released 01/14/2007 Jan 16,2007 - Fixed: Corrupted / Missing Pictures for PCR-2500 and status displays. Jan 17,2007 - Added: A few more error traps for those experiencing an overflow crash Version 0.82.209 Released 01/17/2007 Jan 18,2007 - Added: A few more error traps for those experiencing an overflow crash Jan 18,2007 - Added: Emergency Anncouncement Enable / Disable option in Trunk Settings. Version 0.82.210 Released 01/19/2007 Jan 24,2007 - Fixed: Digital ID Range in Trunk Settings shows correct selection. Jan 24,2007 - Added: Digital ID Range in Trunk Settings has a button to Check/Set Custom Range. Jan 25,2007 - Added: Validation of Group/Radio ID settings when .Tnk & .Rcv Files are loaded. Jan 25,2007 - Fixed: OverFLow Error #6 caused by Invalid User Picture Index. Version 0.83.213 Released 01/26/2007 Feb 07,2007 - -----: Removed LastProfile setting to Allow running Multiple Instances of TrunkPCR. Feb 08,2007 - Fixed: Registration for 'Windows Vista (TM) Ultimate'. Feb 10,2007 - Added: RadioReference.com Web Importing of Trunking and Conventional systems. Feb 11,2007 - -----: Saving Group/Radio ID's in TrunkID Editor now bypass the "Save New ID's When" Rule. Version 0.84.214 Released 02/11/2007 Feb 23,2007 - -----: Changed RadioReference.com Web Import XML Data Retrieval. Feb 23,2007 - Fixed: BandScope Limit Picture was blank from past problem. Feb 23,2007 - Added: Windows Volume/Mixer Settings now can be accessed from Options Menu. Version 0.84.215 Released 02/23/2007 !!!!!!!!! IMPORTANT INFO FOR PCR-1000 & PCR-100 USERS !!!!!!!!! ! IF YOU SAVED A BACKUP OF YOUR EEPROM SINCE AUGUST 20, 2006 ! ! YOU NEED TO SAVE A NEW BACKUP! ! ! THE EeBackup.dat File that was written has false data in it ! ! and needs to be replaced as soon as possible... ! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Feb 24,2007 - Fixed: Reading EEprom Data Values. Feb 24,2007 - -----: You can now Verify the EEprom Data after first Backup. Version 0.84.216 Released 02/24/2007 Feb 26,2007 - -----: User Picture now usable when Tracking. Feb 26,2007 - -----: User Picture now Invisible when Tuned back to Control Channel. Feb 26,2007 - Fixed: Entering a Frequency by double-clicking on Frequency Text in Main Display. Feb 27,2007 - Fixed: If Web Import is open, program won't crash when Donation Pop-up is Displayed. Feb 28,2007 - -----: Web Import will now allow Log-In with "Remember Me" UnChecked. Feb 28,2007 - Fixed: Setting Initial Baud Rate for Moto Systems in Web Import. Feb 28,2007 - Added: Importing Icom PCR-1500/PCR-2500 Memory Channels. Feb 28,2007 - Fixed: Load Profile is now working... Version 0.84.217 Released 03/02/2007 Mar 10,2007 - Fixed: Loading & Displaying User Definable Picture in "Select Picture For User". Mar 10,2007 - Fixed: Sweep Spectrum high frequency limit now usable to 3.3 ghz for Pcr1500/2500. Mar 13,2007 - -----: Edacs Dotting "Number of Times to Hear" can now be set up to 999. Version 0.84.218 Released 03/16/2007 Mar 25,2007 - Fixed: Entering Numbers in Bank/Chan Description that was also added to the frequency. Mar 31,2007 - Fixed: User Picture now usable again, really! Version 0.84.219 Released 04/01/2007 Apr 17,2007 - Added: Column Widths in CC Activity Lists are now saved. Apr 24,2007 - Added: CC Activity Window position now saved. Apr 24,2007 - Added: User/Radio Messages now displayed in User Status Tab. Apr 25,2007 - Added: User/Radio Messages can now be edited by clicking on "#" or "Description" item in List. Apr 27,2007 - -----: Mode & I.F. Filter Buttons now usable while trunking. May 03,2007 - Added: Moto VHF/UHF Calls can now determine if they are Astro or Analog. May 05,2007 - -----: Font, Color & User Pic Applied to Radios from Group Affiliation now Selectable in Group ID Edit. May 06,2007 - Fixed: User Status File name now changed when renaming a Bank Description. May 06,2007 - Added: Pocket Beep test function for PCR-1500/2500 Radios. May 19,2007 - Fixed: Saving Bank order when just using "Sort by Desc" in Bank Organizer. May 19,2007 - Fixed: Selecting propper Bank when the above is completed. May 19,2007 - -----: Splash Screen will now close 2 seconds after program is finished loading. May 19,2007 - Added: You can now Set the Program Speed / CPU Usage. May 20,2007 - -----: Made a small change in the decoder to catch when a Group changes frequency earlier. May 23,2007 - -----: Boolean values saved in TrunkPcr.ini and Bank files now Read "True" or "False" for all Languages. Version 0.85.221 Released 05/23/2007 May 25,2007 - Fixed: Reverse Polarity saved setting. Version 0.85.222 Released 05/25/2007 May 31,2007 - Fixed: Tune-to-Group when "Hunt on Data Loss" is selected in Single Rcvr Mode. May 31,2007 - Fixed: Tune-to-Group now selects propper Mode for Digital Groups for PCR-2500 w/P25 Card. June 04,2007 - Added: Display of Known Frequencies during Conventional Searching. June 05,2007 - -----: Scan Speed Knob now usable in a Trunking Bank when Searching in Conventional mode. June 06,2007 - Added: Report of New Found Frequencies during Conventional Searching (After Clicking HOLD). June 07,2007 - Added: "Select All" Button on Search Results Display. June 10,2007 - Fixed: RR Import of Edacs Frequency Plan (caused Program to crash). June 11,2007 - Added: Compare GroupIDs with RR Import. June 12,2007 - Fixed: Saving User Status and Radio Message files for Current Bank only June 16,2007 - Fixed: Color Display of Edacs Private and Data calls in CC Activity. June 17,2007 - Added: Display of Rejected Users in CC Activity for Edacs. June 18,2007 - Added: Display of User Status in CC Activity for Edacs. June 18,2007 - Added: Display of Adjacent Sites in CC Activity for Edacs. June 19,2007 - Added: MessageBox is displayed when Export to Excel has been completed. June 20,2007 - -----: Increased size of Trunk ID Editor. June 20,2007 - Added: DTMF functions for PCR-2500's Dual Receiver. June 22,2007 - Fixed: Scan/Search starting when Editing Bank/Channel Descriptions. June 24,2007 - -----: Selected COM Port is now closed after initial check if radio wasn't previously on. June 24,2007 - Fixed: Changed ToolTips for Stereo, WX Alert and Frequency Error indicators. Version 0.86.223 Released 06/24/2007 June 25,2007 - Fixed: OverFlow Error on some Win98SE2's MouseWheel Initializing. June 25,2007 - Fixed: PCR-2500 with P25 Card not selected by Edacs. June 28,2007 - Fixed: RR Web Import - Accumulated GroupID's if more than one Trunk System was downloaded. June 29,2007 - Fixed: RR Web Import - Validating Bank Descriptions used for Bank Filenames. Version 0.86.224 Released 06/30/2007 July 03,2007 - -----: PCR Type Selection Menu is back in use (Mainly for Debugging). July 07,2007 - Fixed: RR Web Import - Comparing Group ID's when a different Bank is Selected. July 10,2007 - Added: Importing CSV files from Optoelectronics Digital Scout. July 13,2007 - Fixed: Sort by Frequency in Channel Organizer. July 14,2007 - -----: 9600 Baud Selection now Disabled for Moto. July 16,2007 - Fixed: Displaying Active Trunk Banks and resetting Last Active one. July 17,2007 - -----: Removed Moto "Digital ID Range" selection. Some systems have multiple ranges. July 17,2007 - -----: Group ID's now have a flag for Digital or Analog and saved in ".Tnk" file. July 19,2007 - Fixed: Blocking Astro Calls. July 28,2007 - Added: Radio Watch - Up to 8 different Radios' activity can now be monitored/logged. Aug 04,2007 - Fixed: Volume, Squelch & I.F Shift values saved if only these were changed. Aug 05,2007 - Fixed: Old Bug when Squelch Condition constantly changes, while monitoring the Control Channel. Aug 05,2007 - Fixed: Direct Entry of Frequencies using keypad/keyboard when Freq Button Depressed. Aug 05,2007 - -----: Removed SQ LED. Background of Squelch Label now changed to display Squelch Status. Aug 05,2007 - Fixed: Using Up/Down keys on keyboard to change Frequency when Freq Button Depressed. Aug 06,2007 - -----: When Freq Button is Depressed, you can now change Frequency by double-clicking Frequency Text. Aug 06,2007 - -----: Loaded BandScopeSpan value now makes sure it's atleast 4 higher than the BandScopeStep value. Aug 08,2007 - -----: Restructured Edacs code and removed un-needed code. Aug 08,2007 - -----: Edacs now reports Alternate/Neighbor Sites. Aug 09,2007 - Added: Diagnostic/Test Messages now shown in a separate display list in System Info. Aug 10,2007 - -----: Added more error checking to Sound Recorder. Version 0.86.225 Released 08/10/2007 Aug 11,2007 - Fixed: Propper selection of P25 for PCR2500 again :) Aug 11,2007 - Added: Multi-Select to Group & Radio Lists in TrunkID Editor. Version 0.86.226 Released 08/11/2007 Aug 15,2007 - -----: Replaced Timer routines in PCR Control with Timer controls to test Freeze bug. Aug 16,2007 - Fixed: Program crashing with PCR1500 and Moto Trunking. Aug 16,2007 - Fixed: Moto VHF Call Grants. Aug 17,2007 - -----: Removed RING Picture from COM Status. Aug 17,2007 - Added: RxData Picture to display status of Received Data from PCR when COM Status is Active. Aug 19,2007 - -----: COM Status Menu disabled when Spectrum Sweep enabled. Aug 19,2007 - Fixed: COM Status Menu set to Saved State when TrunkPcr starts. Aug 22,2007 - Fixed: Moto Status/Text Message Ack Responses. Aug 22,2007 - -----: Selecting MPT1327 in Trunk Settings now Set as Conventional (until MPT is fixed). Version 0.87.229 Released 08/23/2007 Aug 25,2007 - Added: Editing Radio Description when clicking on any item in Radio Watch List. Aug 25,2007 - -----: Radio Watch Description updated when Editing Radio Descriptions. Aug 25,2007 - -----: Radio Watch List cleared when RadioID Changed. Aug 28,2007 - Added: Group Alert. Alerts you when a Group Call is made. Aug 28,2007 - Added: Radio Alert. Alerts you when a Radio makes a call on any group. Aug 30,2007 - -----: Added a Time Stamp to Emergency Alerts. Sept 02,2007 - Added: Change Hit Count for Radios in Radio ID Editor. Sept 04,2007 - Fixed: Selection of the [Freq] Button when a Search Bank is Selected. Sept 04,2007 - Added: Identify Known Frequecies to Search Banks. Sept 11,2007 - Fixed: Reporting Emergency Messages in Edacs. Sept 14,2007 - Fixed: Saving System Type after RR Import. Sept 14,2007 - Fixed: Saving Edacs FreqPlan after RR Import. Oct 01,2007 - Fixed: Blank entry of Group Description in the GroupID/TrunkId Editors. Oct 03,2007 - -----: Group Watch Description updated when Editing Group Descriptions. Oct 03,2007 - -----: Group Watch List cleared when GroupID Changed. Oct 06,2007 - Added: Hit Counter to Conventional Channels. Increments when the Squelch is Open on a channel. Oct 07,2007 - Fixed: Clearing StatusBar Display and resetting Squelch display when a SearchBank Tab is selected. Version 0.88.230 Released 10/12/2007 Oct 13,2007 - Fixed: BandScope Display, was disabled for testing the PcrComm Control. Version 0.88.231 Released 10/13/2007 Nov 06,2007 - Added: HotKeys for Sweep Functions: Start = SHIFT-S, Stop = SHIFT-F, Save = SHIFT-V, Print = SHIFT-P and Export = SHIFT-X. Nov 08,2007 - -----: Changed Sweep Speed to 6, 12 and 21 Freqs Per Second. Nov 09,2007 - Added: Time Stamp to Export to Excel file. Nov 09,2007 - Added: Date and Time Stamp to Sweep Save Picture. Nov 09,2007 - Fixed: Filename used in Sweep - Export to Excel file. Nov 09,2007 - Fixed: Filename used in Frequency Search Results - Export to Excel file. Nov 10,2007 - Added: Check for Update in Help Menu. Version 0.88.232 Released 11/10/2007 Nov 12,2007 - Fixed: Pressing [BackSpace] key causing a crash in Freq Plan Editor. Nov 12,2007 - Fixed: Display of User Picture (Moved off screen on prior testing). Nov 12,2007 - Fixed: Display of User Picture when "See Who's Talking" is selected. Version 0.88.233 Released 11/12/2007 Nov 23,2007 - Added: Squelch Monitor Button - Opens Squelch/Disables Voice Squelch when depressed. Nov 23,2007 - Fixed: Display of PCR2500 Menu when PCR Type is selected. Nov 23,2007 - Fixed: Tune-To-Group in CC Activity. Broke after giving this it's own CallBack. Version 0.88.234 Released 11/24/2007 Dec 10,2007 - Fixed: Clear Hits for Group ID's. Was showing a "0" Zero in the wrong column. Dec 10,2007 - Fixed: Clear Hits for Radio ID's. Was showing a "0" Zero in the wrong column. Dec 10,2007 - -----: Added another error check for Group/Radio ID Fonts having a Font Not Used in system. Dec 10,2007 - Fixed: Displaying a Non-Modal Window when a Modal is shown from Emergency Messages. Version 0.88.235 Released 12/10/2007 Dec 26,2007 - Fixed: Some Search Settings in Dual Receiver were using saved settings from Main Receiver. Dec 26,2007 - Added: Support for 2 Sound Cards. (1st for Decoding CC, 2nd for Recording Conversations. Dec 26,2007 - Fixed: Playing Back Recording on Propper Sound Card. Dec 30,2007 - Fixed: PcrComm control, Signal Responses dumped after EEprom was Read. Jan 01,2008 - Fixed: Last Channel Used in a Bank after Saving Updates in Channel Organizer. Jan 02,2008 - Fixed: Another Registration Problem with Windows Vista. Version 0.88.236 Released 01/03/2008 Feb 04,2008 - Fixed: Import Bank Showing "Read-Only Property" Error. Feb 05,2008 - Fixed: Editing RadioID from Affiliation List. Feb 05,2008 - Fixed: Editing Fonts for RadioID's. Feb 08,2008 - Fixed: Reduced COM Ports to 16 (Max Supported by MS COM Control). Feb 09,2008 - Added: Speed Governor on Knob Controls. Feb 19,2008 - Fixed: Reading Registry Items in Vista 64 Bit OS. Feb 20,2008 - Fixed: Naming of Search Limt Bank after Inserting New Entry. Feb 20,2008 - Fixed: Search Limt Bank Tab's Caption after Renaming Description. Feb 21,2008 - Added: Skip Known Frequencies in Search Limit Scan Banks. Feb 22,2008 - Added: Search Limit - Saved Channels to Known Frequencies. Feb 22,2008 - Fixed: Sub Receiver's "Increment Frequency" using Limit Search. Feb 22,2008 - -----: Changed how Search Limit Results are saved. Feb 22,2008 - -----: Known Frequencies are now ReLoaded after a channel is deleted. Mar 02,2008 - Fixed: Setting Search Limit Tab descriptions when Loading a Different Profile. Mar 14,2008 - Added: Importing Other Radio Formats now include Volume,Squelch,IF Shift settings. Mar 22,2008 - Added: LTR Decoding (Not decoding 100% yet). Apr 05,2008 - Added: Auto-Connect at Startup. Apr 06,2008 - Added: Saving BandScope's Follow Active Freqs & Identify Known Freqs settings. Apr 06,2008 - -----: BandScope's Follow Active Freqs & Identify Known Freqs settings Set at Startup. Apr 06,2008 - -----: Importing Corrected Talkpcr Fql files. Apr 12,2008 - Added: AFC, AGC, ATTN, NB, VSC and DSP settings Saved for each Channel. Apr 13,2008 - Added: Channel Display Grid that allows editing of channel settings. Apr 16,2008 - -----: AFC Menu now only enabled in 6kHz/15kHz FM. Apr 18,2008 - Added: Duplex Offset Frequency setting for All Channels. Apr 18,2008 - Fixed: Windows Height Adjustment for Vista PC's. Apr 25,2008 - Fixed: Bank Info Saved when Channel Lock-Out is changed. Apr 25,2008 - Added: Display of AFC, AGC, ATTN, NB and VSC settings in StatusBar. Jul 25,2008 - -----: Changed how the Control Channel Activity Window is created. Jul 25,2008 - Fixed: Keyboard shortcuts now work when CCA Window is displayed. Jul 31,2008 - Added: Running History of Group Calls. Jul 31,2008 - Added: Running History of Radio Affiliations. Jul 31,2008 - -----: Inactive Frequencies now cleared when not in use for 5 seconds. Jul 31,2008 - -----: Inactive Patches now cleared when not in use for 5 seconds. Jul 31,2008 - Fixed: Faulty display of "Radio Unknown" Decription. Aug 10,2008 - Fixed: Channel Hit Counter for PCR-1500 & 2500's main receiver. Aug 10,2008 - Fixed: When De-Activating a TrunkBank, the User Picture is only hidden if the TrunkBank was active. Nov 26,2008 - Fixed: Group Alerts now display correct Group Color. Nov 26,2008 - Added: Abort Alerts on Group Alert Display. Dec 02,2008 - Added: Running History of Active Control Channel Use. Dec 06,2008 - Added: Inactive Frequency and Patch TimeOuts in Trunk Settings. Dec 07,2008 - Added: Abort Alerts on Radio Alert Display. Jan 03,2009 - Added: Find and Replace for Group/Radio Description in Affiliation List. Version 0.89.242 Released 01/09/2009 Jan 13,2009 - Fixed: Defining Alert variable for Group/RadioID's. Jan 13,2009 - Added: Verifying that all Group/Radio Fonts Exist in system. Version 0.89.243 Released 01/13/2009 Jan 16,2009 - -----: Removed Verifying of Fonts until this works better. Jan 16,2009 - -----: Changed DSP's Noise Reduction Knob to Point-n-Drag instead of Auto-Spin. Version 0.89.246 Released 01/16/2009 Jan 18,2009 - Fixed: Loading PCR-2500's Dual Receiver Display. Version 0.89.247 Released 01/18/2009 Feb 22,2009 - -----: Changing COM Port, Doesn't Require Re-Start. Mar 05,2009 - Added: Pocket Beep Alerts for different functions. Mar 05,2009 - Fixed: Weather Alerts for 1500/2500's. Mar 05,2009 - Added: D-Star Support for 2500's. Displays Current/Last GPS Position using Google Maps... Mar 12,2009 - -----: Dual Mode Trunking works better in Scan/Search. Mar 14,2009 - Fixed: Listening to P25 Calls on Moto Simulcast systems. From Extended->Settings Menu, Set P25 to ON for best results. Mar 18,2009 - Fixed: Dual DTMF Now Saves to DualDtmf.log. Mar 18,2009 - Fixed: Associated Windows with Dual Window now close properly. Mar 21,2009 - Added: Support for RadioReference.com's CD DataBase. Mar 26,2009 - -----: Frequency Center Indicator now used in DV & P25. Apr 15,2009 - Fixed: Setting Weather Alert Channels at Startup. Apr 15,2009 - -----: Moved PCR-1500/2500 Extended Settings to Each Bank. Apr 15,2009 - Fixed: Setting NAC and SELECT in Extended Settings. Apr 16,2009 - Added: Squelch Delay in Extended Settings. Apr 16,2009 - Fixed: Sending Extended Settings to PCR when Changing Banks. Apr 16,2009 - Added: Most Errors are now Saved to the Error.log file. Apr 20,2009 - Added: You can now set the TrunkBank for each Selected Group in TrunkID Editor. Apr 22,2009 - Fixed: Radio Description now properly Trunicated to 60 Chars if too long. Apr 24,2009 - Fixed: Opening Sound Card Setting in Vista caused a crash. Apr 28,2009 - -----: Changed how the Sound Recorder Looks and Operates. May 08,2009 - Fixed: Removed Popping Sound when Recording. May 11,2009 - Added: OscilloScope Display now shows Full Window for LTR Banks ONLY. May 13,2009 - Added: Http Proxy Settings for accessing RadioReference.com's SOAP Database. May 16,2009 - Added: FULL Support for RadioReference.com's SOAP2 Database. Includes Frequency / CallSign Searches, and Trunk System ID Details. May 23,2009 - Fixed: AFC Working Again in Both Receivers. May 23,2009 - -----: AFC Now Enabled by correct Mode & Filter. May 24,2009 - -----: Spectrum Analyzer Window Position Now Saved. May 24,2009 - Added: Moved Sound Card Settings/Controls to Audio Menu. May 24,2009 - -----: Changed some Keyboard Short-Cuts on Menus. May 30,2009 - Added: List Displays for P25 Calls with P25 Module. Jun 01,2009 - Added: Support for RadioReference.com's SOAP Version 3. Jun 02,2009 - Added: RR.com Web Import's Verify / Compare GroupID's to P25 Lists. Jun 06,2009 - -----: Users that have Donated $60 or more, Now Get Increased Limits. Jun 06,2009 - Fixed: ReNaming DStar and P25 Log Files when Bank Name is Changed. Jun 15,2009 - Added: D-Star Terminal Message now shows a *Green* "OK" if CRC Passed. Jun 28,2009 - Fixed: Recording Device now saved correctly in Sound Card Settings. Version 0.90.252 Released 06/28/2009 Jun 29,2009 - Fixed: RR.com Web Import - Trunking Sites had Duplicate Freqs for each Site. Jun 30,2009 - Fixed: Banks Set for Trunking was reset as Conventional. You'll need to Change Your Trunk Settings or use your BackUp Files... Version 0.90.253 Released 06/30/2009 Jun 30,2009 - Added: Test Flag in Decoder DLL to use P25 Decoding or NOT (My Use For Now). Jun 30,2009 - Fixed: Inadvertently Set Banks for P25 Trunking when P25 Call Heard with P25 Card. Version 0.90.254 Released 07/01/2009 Jul 02,2009 - -----: Changed Registration Form to say that a User Should ONLY Send After Initial Donation is made. Jul 04,2009 - Fixed: Loading Dual Window would cause a crash in certain circumstances. Jul 04,2009 - -----: Changed Help Menu -> Trunking Information to @RadioReference.com Version 0.90.255 Released 07/04/2009 Jul 10,2009 - Fixed: Clearing Hits Column In TrunkID Editor from Menu. Jul 10,2009 - Fixed: Setting Propper Columns In TrunkID Editor when NEW GroupID is Added. Jul 10,2009 - Fixed: Setting Propper Columns In TrunkID Editor when NEW RadioID is Added. Jul 10,2009 - Added: Setting Alert for Selected Groups from Menu. Jul 10,2009 - Added: Setting Alert for Selected Radios from Menu. Jul 12,2009 - Fixed: Clearing P25 Call History now replaces header text. Jul 12,2009 - -----: For a Pure P25 Site, YOU NOW NEED TO SET IT in the Trunk Settings as P25!!! The Decoder still isn't finished, but this will help to Identify the Site. Jul 12,2009 - Added: Import CSV files to Banks. Jul 12,2009 - Added: Import CSV files to Groups & Radios. Jul 15,2009 - Added: ByPass External Speaker Plug-In Notification for PCR-100 (*** Not Recommended ***). Aug 10,2009 - Fixed: Timed Recorder Auto Start / Stopping. Aug 11,2009 - -----: Timed Recording can now be stopped by Un-Checking Enable CheckBox. Aug 11,2009 - -----: Sound Recorder won't be shown if Timed Recording in Progress. Aug 11,2009 - Added: Delete Wave File Button in Sound Recorder. Aug 12,2009 - Fixed: Recording Device ID now used when checking WaveFormat in Sound Recorder. Sep 28,2009 - -----: Changed two Scan Status Indicator Colors so that CTCSS Tone isn't mistaken as activated. Oct 21,2009 - Fixed: Timed Recorder Didn't disply correct info after Deleting a Selection. Nov 06,2009 - Added: Support for RadioReference.com's SOAP2 v4, v5 & v6. Nov 06,2009 - Added: Options Menu -> "Show My Audio Feeds" MenuItem in RadioReference.com's Web Import. Nov 22,2009 - Added: Error Trapping in Sound Card Settings. Nov 23,2009 - Fixed: Trunk Button un-clicked while Hunting for Control Channel wouldn't stop. Dec 09,2009 - Fixed: Window Positioning on screens larger than 1280 by 1024. Dec 23,2009 - Added: Support for RadioReference.com's SOAP2 v7. Jan 20,2010 - Added: A Bunch More Error Checking and Reporting. Feb 01,2010 - Fixed: Validation of Sound Devices in Sound Card Settings. Version 0.90.260 Released 02/08/2010 Feb 14,2010 - Fixed: Changing Tab Descriptions in Timed Recorder when Selection is Inserted or Removed. Feb 14,2010 - Fixed: Setting Date Time Picker's Date in Timed Recorder when Changing Tabs. Feb 14,2010 - -----: Recording will now Stop when Timed Recorder's Stop Time has been set to a time that has already passed. Feb 14,2010 - -----: When Timed Recorder is Recording, Display is now Updated to reflect the Recording Bank & Channel. Feb 15,2010 - -----: Chaneged how 8.33 Khz Stepping Adjusts Frequecy. Feb 16,2010 - Added: [Use Current] Button in Timed Recorder that sets the Recording Bank & Channel to the Current Setting. Version 0.90.262 Released 02/22/2010 Mar 05,2010 - Fixed: Importing GroupID's from RR.com Web Import. Version 0.90.263 Released 03/05/2010 Mar 06,2010 - -----: Default Mode in Trunk Settings now set to NFM. Version 0.90.264 Released 03/15/2010 (Not Posted) Apr 07,2010 - Fixed: Setting Minimum Date Allowed of Date Time Picker in Timed Recorder. Apr 07,2010 - -----: Clearing Record Enable in Timed Recorder when a "Single" Recording has Finished. Version 0.90.265 Released 04/10/2010 May 17,2010 - -----: Changed priority of Squelch Close notification in Trunking. May 19,2010 - Added: "Call End Notification" when Inactive Call "Times-Out" and Still sitting on a Voice Channel. May 19,2010 - Fixed: Displaying Recovery Rate / %1's in Correct Window when in Dual Mode. May 20,2010 - Fixed: Setting Date Time Pickers Correct Date in Timed Recorder. May 20,2010 - Added: Clicking the Channel Hits Indicator, now brings up the Channel Hit Editor. May 20,2010 - Added: Separate Frequency display in Timed Recorder. May 23,2010 - Fixed: Importing Moto Sites from RR.com's Web Import, that have been Rebanded. May 23,2010 - Added: Two Channel Decoder Inputs for Edacs (Sound Card Left/Right Channels). May 24,2010 - Fixed: Setting the ReBanded Flag in the decoder dll. May 27,2010 - -----: EDACS Dotting Sequence detector "# of Times Detected" uses Lower Values. May 28,2010 - Fixed: Setting the Inactive TimeOuts when Trunk Settings is loaded. Jun 02,2010 - Fixed: Adding New Selction in Timed Recorder, Min - Max Date Error. Jun 02,2010 - Fixed: Removing Last Selction in Timed Recorder wasn't Updating Current Selection. Jun 03,2010 - Fixed: Retrying a Recording in Timed Recorder from failed attempt. Jun 03,2010 - Fixed: Timed Recorder now Recording Again with all Regional Settings... Jun 03,2010 - Added: Option to Invert Colors in Sweep Picture before Printing. Jun 03,2010 - -----: Mode & Filter Changed per PCR Model for Timed Recordings. Jun 04,2010 - Fixed: When a Timed Recording is Completed, PCR Set Back to Current Bank and Channel. Version 0.90.270 Released 06/04/2010 Jun 07,2010 - Fixed: Setting Minimum Date of DateTimePicker in Timed Recorder with all Regional Settings. Jun 12,2010 - -----: COM Ports Now Selectable up to COM255. Jun 12,2010 - -----: Now Displays ALL Available COM Ports. Jun 13,2010 - -----: Timed Recorder Current Date now Displayed per Default Regional Setting. Jun 20,2010 - -----: Squelch Responds to Actual PCR Model. Jun 20,2010 - Added: DTCS Squelch Selector. Jun 20,2010 - Fixed: CTCSS and DTCS Squelch Search in Main & Dual Display. Jun 23,2010 - -----: Decoder Channels now Set to One if Receiver Type is Set to Single. Version 0.90.271 Released 06/23/2010 Jun 26,2010 - -----: Some Possible Recording Errors are now logged to Error.log instead of a Message Box. Jun 26,2010 - -----: Changed a few lines of code in Timed Recorder to eliminate some possible Min/Max Date Errors. Jun 26,2010 - -----: Squelch Responds to Actual PCR Model when in Emulation Mode. Jun 26,2010 - Added: Current Timed Recording Length now shown in TitleBar. Jun 26,2010 - Fixed: Wave File is now Closed Properly when Recording is finished. Jun 27,2010 - Fixed: Wave Buffers Memory is now released when Recording is finished. Jun 28,2010 - Fixed: Timed Recorder Min/Max Date Errors when Passing Midnight. Jun 29,2010 - Added: More Error Trapping in Play Wave File Routines. Jul 08,2010 - Fixed: Displaying Channels in Import Bank Tool after Importing FQL Files. Jul 08,2010 - -----: In Import Bank Tool, the Pop-Up Menu now activated by Right-Clicking in Channel List. Jul 08,2010 - -----: In Import Bank Tool, the "Import To" Menus moved to separate Menu. Jul 18,2010 - Fixed: Poping Sound when using "Digital Call End" in Trunk Settings. Jul 18,2010 - Added: Hex Input for Group & Radio Watch in Trunk Settings. Jul 18,2010 - Added: AFS Input for Group Watch in Trunk Settings. Version 0.90.272 Released 07/18/2010 Jul 20,2010 - Fixed: Processing D-Star NMEA Messages that have "$$CRC" with-in. Aug 03,2010 - Fixed: Limits of Users who have Donated More Than $500. Sep 28,2010 - -----: Changed ReBanded Freq Plan (Switch to Splinter, then ReBanded). Sep 30,2010 - Fixed: RR.com Web Import's Mode Setting. Sep 30,2010 - Fixed: RR.com Web Import's Frequency Search Selection of Channels. Sep 30,2010 - Added: Description Selection of RR.com Web Import's Verify Channels. Sep 30,2010 - -----: Channel List Editor has better Editing Capabilities. Pressing Enter in a Cell now Edits the Cell Contents. Changed Lists to ComboBoxes for better selection. You now need to Double-Click a Cell's Contents to Edit a Cell. Fixed False changing of a Cell after clicking a different Cell. Sep 30,2010 - Added: Channel List Editor Right-Click Menu for Mass Editing in a Column. Sep 30,2010 - Added: Save & Print Search Results in RR.com Web Import. Sep 30,2010 - Added: Saving RR.com Web Import's Window Position. Version 0.90.273 Released 09/30/2010 Oct 02,2010 - Fixed: D-Star's Google Maps Display of Radio Location. Oct 02,2010 - Added: RoadMap or Sattelite Display in D-Star's Google Maps Display. Oct 08,2010 - Fixed: In Trunk Settings, the "Return to Control Channel" Options are now set When Choosing Moto. Oct 08,2010 - Fixed: Auto-Set Freq Ranges Editing now set properly. Version 0.90.274 Released 10/08/2010 Oct 10,2010 - Fixed: Added Missing ToolTips in Auto-Set Frequency Editor. Oct 31,2010 - Fixed: Importing Site Channels in RR.com Web Import. Version 0.90.275 Released 10/31/2010 Nov 04,2010 - Fixed: RR.com Web Import Window Positioning. Nov 04,2010 - Fixed: RR.com Web Import - Selecting County with NO Data. Nov 16,2010 - Fixed: Logging Radio Watch Info causing a crash. Version 0.90.276 Released 11/16/2010 Nov 28,2010 - Added: Mute Digital in Trunk Settings. Allows you to hear Externally Decoded Audio Only. Dec 05,2010 - Fixed: CSV File Import's Default Channel values. Dec 07,2010 - -----: Adjusted the Height of Many Dialogs. Dec 20,2010 - Added: 4800 hz Tone Detection for Edacs Dotting Tone. Jan 06,2011 - Fixed: Changing/Editing Wave Format in Timed Recorder. In the Trunk Settings, you can "UnCheck" the "Switch to Control When Dotting sequence Heard" checkbox and now try the "Dotting Tone Detector" slider. You can select a value from 36 to 60, 36 for a real noisy voice channel or up to 60 for a really clean signal. I'm using 42 at the moment. Version 0.90.278 Released 01/13/2011 Jan 06,2011 - Added: Monitor CTS Line to React when Power on PCR is Turned OFF. Feb 25,2011 - Fixed: Printing Group/Radio ID Lists and Search Results. Feb 26,2011 - Fixed: Adding Signal Level to Search Report for Normal Searching. Version 0.90.279 Released 02/26/2011 Mar 11,2011 - -----: Timed Recoding now Disabled when in Sweep Mode. Jul 09,2011 - Added: Ignore CTS Status in COM Port Selector (For Driver Ver 2.20). Version 0.90.280 Released 07/09/2011 Sep 09,2011 - Added: RadioReference.com v9 update. When you see an item with a "T+", Right-Click on the Item to Show the Related Trunking Site. Nov 23,2011 - -----: Updated Homepage Links. Version 0.90.281 Released 11/23/2011 Jan 12,2012 - Added: Country Agencies in RadioReference Import. Jan 18,2012 - Fixed: Editing Frequency in Main Display using keyboard. Jan 20,2012 - Added: Freq Plan Calculator. Version 0.90.282 Released 01/21/2012 The Frequency Plan Calculator is a tool to help you determine UnKnown Frequency Plans. Using the Frequency Plan Calculator. 1) Identify the Base Frequency: a. Select the LCN that is associated with the Active Control Channel. b. Enter the Correct Frequency of the Active Control Channel. c. Adjust Offset and Step Rate if needed. d. Click the [Calculate Base] Button. 2) Determine Voice Channel Frequencies: a. Select the LCN that is associated with a Voice Channel. b. If the Base, Offset and Step is correct, its correct Frequency will be shown. c. If Not, then be sure the Step Rate is correct and adjust the Offset. d. Repeat steps 2a to 2c for the rest of the entries in the Frequency Found List. 3) Extended Freq Plans: These can be identified with different Base Frequencies and Offsets. Normally, the Base Frequency will end in 0000 (ex: 406.0000). When you have determined the correct Offset and Step Rate, you can click on the other entries in the Frequency Found List and it's corresponding Frequency will be calculated and shown in the Channel's Frequency textbox. If the calculated Frequency matches the correct Voice Channel Frequency, click the [Save Entry] Button. If you discover that different clustered LCN's have a different Base Frequency and Offset, then this system would use the Extended Freq Plan. Mar 15,2012 - Fixed: OverFlow Error in COM Routines. Mar 25,2012 - Fixed: Controlling a PCR-100, PCR-1000 & PCR-1500 in Dual Receiver. Mar 26,2012 - Added: Monitor CTS in Main COM Port Selector. Mar 26,2012 - Added: Ignore CTS/Monitor CTS in Dual COM Port Selector. Apr 25,2012 - Added: 26 More Trunk Banks [a] to [z] to help organize your Trunk Groups. Apr 25,2012 - -----: Main GUI and BandScope Height Increased. Apr 26,2012 - Added: Hold Active Group Button in CCA's Control Tab. Apr 27,2012 - Added: Block Digital Calls for EDACS in Trunk Settings. Apr 27,2012 - Fixed: Squelch Indicator Works Propperly Now in Trunking. Apr 28,2012 - Added: Temporary LockOut of Groups. When You Click the L/Out Button, You can Press these Keys in Combination for a Different Period. (SHIFT) 1 Minute. (CTRL) 2 Minutes (ALT) 5 Minutes Apr 28,2012 - Added: Text Color of the TrunkBank (TB) Column in CCA's Control Tab Now indicates if a Group is Locked Out. Apr 29,2012 - Fixed: Glitch when Squelch Opens, but Doesn't Resume Trunking. Version 0.90.283 Released 04/29/2012 May 03,2012 - Added: Enable/Disable Dotting Tone Detector in EDACS. May 03,2012 - -----: Trunk Settings GUI is now a bit more organized. Version 0.90.284 Released 05/03/2012 May 05,2012 - Fixed: Voice Channel Skipping Condition in Trunking using Dual Receiver. May 05,2012 - -----: Sound Card Settings now saves Use of Right Channel properly. May 05,2012 - Fixed: Dotting Tone Detector for EDACS using Right Channel. Version 0.90.285 Released 05/05/2012 Oct 12,2012 - Fixed: Setting CTCSS Tone Option as Normal instead of Reverse when Importing a Bank from RadioReference Web Import. Oct 12,2012 - Fixed: Changed link on PayPal picture in Donation Popup. Oct 12,2012 - Added: RadioReference.com v10 update. (Bug Fix) Dec 13,2012 - Fixed: Tracking ID SubScript Error. Dec 15,2012 - Fixed: Stack OverFlow Error #28 in COM Routines. Dec 16,2012 - Fixed: Wrong Frequency Displayed When Started with AFC ON. Dec 17,2012 - Fixed: Error in Spectrum Sweep Print after Canceling. Version 0.90.286 Released 12/18/2012 Jan 03,2013 - Fixed: OverFlow Error #6 in Ring Buffer Put. Jan 03,2013 - Fixed: Cancel Error in Save Profile. Version 0.90.287 Released 01/04/2013 Jan 26,2013 - Fixed: Audio Muting While Scanning/Searching A GroupID. Jan 26,2013 - -----: Changed Some Code To Reduce Popping On Astro Calls. Jan 27,2013 - Fixed: Audio Muting While Tracking A Digital GroupID. Version 0.90.288 Released 01/27/2013 Nov 05,2013 - Fixed: Importing Country Agencies in RadioReference Import. Version 0.90.289 Released 11/06/2013 Aug 09,2014 - Fixed: Initilaizing D-Star & P-25 Dialogs. Aug 09,2014 - Fixed: D-Star - Decoding a new NMEA Message Format. Aug 21,2014 - Fixed: D-Star - Reporting Emergency Status. Aug 21,2014 - Fixed: D-Star - Displaying Lat & Lon Coordinates of UnKnown Caller. Aug 27,2014 - Fixed: Bug in Comm Routines for Commands with length > 5. Aug 30,2014 - -----: D-Star "EMR" and "BRK" Messages now Shown Correctly. Aug 30,2014 - -----: D-Star Caller Status "UR?" and "RPT UP" now Shown. Sep 16,2014 - Fixed: CTCSS/Dual CTCSS Search for PCR-1500/2500. Sep 17,2014 - Added: Dual Squelch Display Status. Sep 20,2014 - Fixed: Display of Dual DTCS Squelch Status Color. Sep 20,2014 - Fixed: Display of Dual CTCSS Squelch Status Color. Sep 20,2014 - Fixed: Display of Dual Voice Squelch Status Color. Sep 20,2014 - Fixed: Using Dual DTCS Squelch. Sep 20,2014 - Fixed: Using Dual CTCSS Squelch. Sep 20,2014 - Fixed: Using Dual Voice Squelch. Sep 23,2014 - Fixed: DTMF now Enabled for Main Receiver on a 2500. Sep 23,2014 - Fixed: Using DTMF on 1500/2500. Sep 23,2014 - Added: About Dialog now shows if Dual DTMF is Installed on a 2500. Sep 24,2014 - Fixed: Saving Dialog Window Position when Closing and Minimized. Sep 24,2014 - Added: Clear Current History function to Main & Dual DTMF Display. Sep 24,2014 - -----: Increased Main & Dual DTMF Display to 14 Characters. Sep 25,2014 - -----: CTCSS and DTCS Searches will Now Only Work when in Manual Mode. Sep 25,2014 - -----: Scan Resume Now Sets DTCS Tone from Current Channel. Oct 12,2014 - Fixed: Displaying CTCSS or DTCS Tone Frequency in Status Panel During Scan. Oct 12,2014 - -----: Changed Verson Number of TrunkPCR to 1.0... Nov 03,2014 - Fixed: The DV Callsign Was Appended to Itself Each Time The Bank was Switched. This Created a Long String of Text that was Sent to the PCR, Causing a BIG Delay while Scanning as the String Kept On Growing. Nov 10,2014 - Added: Registration Information Can Now Be Copied to the ClipBoard for Pasting. Nov 12,2014 - Added: Clone Operation For PCR-1500 & PCR-2500. Nov 16,2014 - Added: D-Star Messages Now Shown in Main Display (Besides in StatusBar). Nov 18,2014 - Added: Duration of D-Star Message Display Setting (1 to 60 Seconds) After Call Ends. Nov 22,2014 - -----: Changed COM Port Initializing / Startup. Nov 22,2014 - Added: Detection of USB Power Failure for PCR-1500/2500. Dec 04,2014 - -----: In COM Port Settings, "RAISE DTR" MUST BE Enabled for PCR 1500/2500 Cloning! Version 1.00.290 Released 12/08/2014 Dec 09,2014 - Fixed: Clicking Power OFF causing two Pop-Up Error Messages. Version 1.00.291 Released 12/09/2014 Dec 10,2014 - Fixed: Trunk Search Not Resuming After Squelch Closed. Dec 10,2014 - Fixed: Adjusting Maximum Volume Level for Astro/P25 Calls. Version 1.00.292 Released 12/10/2014 Regards, Jay